OUR BEACH  -  These are Walton County rules

Majestica Beach is beautiful, clean, and safe because of the efforts of
our community and the surrounding communities.  Seagrove Beach
has earned the designation of a "Blue Wave Beach".   This means it
upholds responsible beach management practices to assure water
quality, habitat conservation, public information/education and erosion
management.  Guests are asked to do their part to keep the beaches
clean and safe.    Here are some things to know:

  • No Pets on the beach.  The only pets allowed on the beach are
    those owned by permanent residents, with permits, during
    certain hours.  
  • No Glass on the beach
  • No fires on the beach
  • No tents on the beach
  • Any items left on the beach overnight will be considered
    abandoned and will be discarded.
  • No littering of beach
  • Keep off the dunes and please instruct your children of the
    importance of dune preservation

All of the above mentioned items are enforced by the Walton County
Officials and are intended to keep our beaches safe and healthy.

OUR BEACH COMMUNITY -  Majestica Beach has a mixture of 11 homes
ocupied by full time residents, second homes, and seasonal rentals.   

We are very serious about maintaining a family atmosphere for the
quiet enjoyment of all guests. We will rent to family groups, married
couples and responsible adults over the age of 25.  Proof of age may
be required. The total number of persons allowed in the home at any
time is restricted to the stated limit, (ex: 10-12 persons). No
chaperoned groups, unless there is one parent for each 2 children
under the age of 25. Absolutely no house parties allowed. This includes
weddings, wedding parties and receptions. Any violators will be
evicted. Eviction without refund is the penalty.. PARENTS MUST BE

Falsified Reservation – Any reservation obtained under false pretense
will be subject to forfeiture of reservation deposit and/or balance of
rental payment. Guest will not be permitted to check-in or will be
evicted.   Note: Units may not be sublet by guest.

Parking - Each home provides private parking for 4 medium sized
vehicles.  If you will be bringing more than 4 vehicles, please  arrange
for parking at another location prior to your arrival.  Your rental
manager will be able to assist you with this.   Parking in the street is
prohibited and vehicles left in the street will be towed.

Noise - We want you to be here, but we don't need to hear you.  No
outdoor speakers, boom boxes, or loud celebration is allowed.   Keep
it inside, or use your earbuds.  Our homes are all in close proximity to
each other, and please respect your neighbors.  There is a 24/7
"breach of peace" ordinance in Seagrove.

Pets - No pets in the community or in any of the houses.  Only owners
may bring their pets.

No smoking in any of the homes.  Guests may smoke outside, but are
responsible for cleaning up and removal of butts, ashtrays, etc.

Deb Schultz; webmaster
Updated 4/13/13
Know Before You Go