Majestica Beach
Majestica.....The Beach
Moonglow; 3BR, 3BA
Sleeps 10
Sanibel; 5BR, 5Ba
Sleeps 15
Fintastic; 6 BR, 5 Ba
Sleeps 14
Stargazer; 4 BR, 3 Ba
Sleeps 10 - 14
Grouper Therapy; 4+BR,  4.5 Ba
Sleeps 12-16
Sundancer 5 BR, 3.5 Ba
Sleeps 10-12
Our shared community
The pool is 15 X 30.  It is very .....
refreshing after a day on the beach
Our Beach
Butterflies and lantana abound
in our flower beds and in our
native dune areas
Rough drawing of our
beachside community  (click
to enlarge); hit back to
return to normal size
More Pictures
Two pals fishing for snapper..
Gorgeous at dusk
or at sunset (taken in February)
Where best friends gather and
share the beauty of the ocean
Clear refreshing water
Breathtaking view
View from boardwalk
Not a soul in sight
View from the walkover
Our beach on a calm day
Beach setups are provided exclusively by Southwinds Beach Service.
A set up includes 1 umbrella and 2 chairs. Umbrellas and chairs are
set up each morning and removed each evening. With all you have to
carry, it's great not to have to carry these.  A Walton County
ordinance requires that all items be removed from the beach each
evening to protect our Sea Turtles that nest here.
This is Tony; Your Beach
Service Guy; He and his team
do a great job.  Tony is a local
and he knows a lot about the
area.  He'll be happy to
answer your questions.  
Our Climate
Many people consider the beach for their summer vacations.  The most popular time to vacation has historically
been Memorial Day to Labor Day, hence  the rates are higher during this time.  Recently, we've seen more and
more visitors in October (mean temperature 70) and November (mean temperature 59) when the weather is still
warm and pretty, the rates are down, and the crowds are thinning.  The following chart shows our climate year
round.  Other popular times in Majestica are the holidays, when most of the homes are rented.  Families gather
for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year,  so please book early, as these dates go quickly.
Minimum      Mean      Maximum                                      Minimum      Mean      Maximum
January          42            52                61                          July             74               82               89
February        44            54                63                          August         74               82               90
March            50            59                68                          September    70               78               87
April              58            67                76                          October        59               70               80
May               65            74                83                          November     48               59               69
June              74            82                89                          December     44               53               63
                                  Average        58               68               76                                   Monthly rates are at a strong
discount in the fall and winter season, if you can stay for a "real" vacation or are close enough to commute for
long weekends.     
Is a wonderful beach side vacation destination.  
All homes are less than a two minute walk to the
Families return here year after year to visit the
serene beaches of Seagrove while enjoying the
beauty of the sugar white sands and the emerald
green waters.  Guests always enjoy the comfort  
and privacy of the well maintained beach homes,
the beautifully landscaped community pool, and
the quiet friendly atmosphere of Majestica Beach
Our Selection of  beach homes !  Please click on the house to see rates,
more photos, virtual tours, and more ...
Seagrove Beach earned the designation as a "Blue Wave Beach".  Blue Wave beaches uphold the following
responsible beach management practices: water quality, beach and intertidal
conditions,safety,services,habitat conservation,public information/education, erosion management.  This is
evident in the condition of our beaches, dunes, and water.